Hair transplant in Turkey


Hair transplant is a ray of hope or the twig for the one who is drowning in the sea of baldness! Over the years the researchers have found the best solution for baldness and hair transplant is not only tried and tested but also recommended by the doctors worldwide. While it has gained so much importance, even then you worry a little before finalizing a doctor for the treatment of your baldness. We at Dr. Yetkin Bayer’s clinic understand the trust you establish in the doctor and we duly take care of this special bond between you and us.

We will take care of the transplantation but you need to do some care thereafter. This is because the first step of transplantation is the like the seeding of the plant, how much it will grow and bear fruits depend upon its care and nutrition in appropriate quantities. Here are few tips which we are sharing which you should always follow after transplantation. This is because we are sure that you don’t want to increase the healing period!

  1. Keep your head elevated: It is necessary to keep you head a little elevated because otherwise it can swell your scalp unnecessarily. Sleep in upright position and keep your head a little elevated by using couple of pillows. This is because if you don’t prop your head then the bruised skin will swell up even more. It is like giving special care to your head/scalp because they are in the process of growing hairs.
  2. Keeping your head away from heat: You know where we are going! You need to stay away from steam, saunas and sweating. So no physical activity, no gym and no sun bathing! Extra heat and sweat can increase the infection and spread it all over the scalp making it red and itchy.
  3. Say bye bye to spicy food, alcohol and smoke for few days: We are serious! If you really need hair transplantation to bear results. Smoking and alcohol are strictly no-no because it affects the supply of blood to the head which is very much necessary after transplantation. Appropriate flow of blood is required for the hair to strengthen its roots and grow properly. Spicy food will again make you sweat and body’s reaction to such food can interfere with the healing process.
  4. Care patiently: More than a physical advice, it is an emotional concern. We have seen people going impatient and try to self-treat them. It is normal to feel soreness and numb sensation in the scalp after transplantation and thus don’t think that something abnormal is happening to you. Understand the medications and follow the frequency as prescribed because that will only assure that your hairs are grown!

We are your doctors but also the well-wishers and hence we want nothing but the best for you! If you are ‘spending’ or rather we should term it as ‘investing’ in hair transplantation then not even a penny should go waste! Dr. Yetkin Bayer is an expert and specialist of this field and depends on tried and tested latest techniques and may be that is the reason that people from all over the world visit here for treatment. If you have you forgotten that wonderful feeling of hairs on your head, we assure we would give you back!