Why Denmark-Germany 2019


Handball is more than a sport, it is a phenomenon that has the ability to bring people and cultures from around the world together.

Denmark and Germany have long been cultivating the uniqueness of the sport and embedding it into the daily lives of all its citizens. Now, we are coming together to share this with the entire world of handball and to further expand our sport; bringing it to the forefront of international sport.

A World Championship in Denmark and Germany will be the ideal platform for creating worldwide promotion, progress and partnerships.

Now is the time to come together with Denmark-Germany 2019

Promotion – experiencing global Handball!

“Handball mania” is found in the daily lives and routines of young and old alike in both Denmark and Germany.  It is a passion unlike any other, it is at the heart of all our citizens, it is unique in our cultures and most of all it is what drives our team to be united in hosting the 2019 World Championship.

In order to spread this passion, our joint plans aim to truly make the World Championship a global event. Through a wide variety of new media platforms, from social media to digital media and beyond, we will launch a major campaign that will promote and communicate the World Championship directly to handball fans across the world, focusing on young people around the world especially in new and emerging Handball markets.

For the global promotion of our sport throughout the world, from the Americas to Asia, from Africa to Europe we will unite the Handball family to reach new fans and new players.

Progress – realising new development for Handball!

Development of Handball will be a big focus for a 2019 World Championship in Denmark and Germany. While we are already strongly driven Handball countries, we recognise the importance of the continued development of our sport worldwide and are committed to its growth.

Together we will work with countries around the world to develop Handball and secure a long lasting legacy for our sport. Using the World Championship to secure global development and further progression from grassroots to elite. 

Our strong commitment to handball development includes creating knowledge-sharing programmes for countries around the world to build and further develop training methods as well as management skills. From specialized training for athletes, coaches and officials to a global digital platform, we want to promote and showcase the latest developments in Handball and reach out to all sectors of society in order to develop world handball. 

For the global progress of our sport we offer Handball more opportunities to grow and develop, Denmark – Germany 2019 is ready to unite the Handball family.

Partnerships – creating new opportunities for Handball!

Both Denmark and Germany have invested time and resources in hosting major international sporting events over the years which have led to the development and harnessing of key partnerships with both public and private entities.

The active involvement of our designated host cities has ensured the unconditional support for the Championship at both a local and federal government level. Through our combined efforts to secure playing time in capital cities such as Berlin and Copenhagen and in large sporting cities like Munich, our united bid gives the chance for Handball to develop new hot spots in Europe.

For the creation of new global partnerships for our sport, we are ready to unite the Handball family