Body Fat Analyser for Weight Loss

body fat analyzer

If you are looking forward to switch to an effective weight loss program, an important device for tracking the progress is the Body fat analyser and scale. However, there are several such products available online and in retail stores claiming to be of high quality. It is extremely important to choose the right device while buying to ensure you get accurate results every time. The best way to find the right suit is to follow the real time user reviews on the seller’s site and read some expert reviews online.

Once you purchase the product, the main dilemma is- how to use the body fat analyser scale for regular weight and diet management. Following is a basic user guide to use the body fat analyser device.

Determining Body Fat Percentage

Following a fat loss program does not mean that you should not have any fat store in the body. You need to a healthy body fat percentage for optimal health and fitness. The body fat percentage is the proportion of fat in the body compared to other body components. Women should consider keeping their body fat percentage below 25% while men need to maintain a balance less than 20%.

Measuring Body Fat on Analyser Scale

The body fat analyser scale works on the system called bioelectrical impedance analysis. The users need to stand on bare feet when stepping on the device. The device will then send minimal electrical through the left feet. This radiation is absolutely painless and risk free. The fat store in the body is poor conductor of this electricity. The muscles with greater water content allow the radiation to pass smoothly. The goal of this device is to measure the amount of resistance; the current receives when travelling in the body. The reading gives you a measurement of the ratio of fat and muscles in the body.

The measurement of body fat takes place from one leg to another in most devices. However, to get a complete reading of entire fat in the body, you can additionally use a handheld body fat analyser. This type of device gives the measurement of fat from one hand to another. The electric current from such devices pass from one hand to another traversing through the heart.

When Should You Measure Body Fat Percentage

You can measure your body fat percentage everyday and keep a track on the weekly average results. The fitness experts suggest using the device in the morning after waking up and going to the toilet. This helps to obtain stable results that you can measure to manage your weight loss.

Some Parting Words

The body fat analyser is an important device for everyone keeping track of his or her weight. Nowadays, these scales are available online and retail stores at affordable prices. Rapid weight gain and obesity are common problems that can trigger health risks all of a sudden. Keeping a track on the body fat levels helps to take early measures and curb the problem before it is too late. Hope the abovementioned guide will be helpful when you purchase the product.