Hector Picard´s Tour

Hector Picard´s Tour

Who doesn’t know this popular name: Hector Picard? The popular spokesperson of Novation Settlement Solutions who has recently gained more popularity as an adaptive inspiring athlete! Yeah! That was a memorable event when Hector Picard proved himself as 1st Double Arm Amputee 5x Ironman Finisher. Those who know this name must be aware of the fact that Hector Picard has lost his both arms in a dreadful life threatening accident that happened about 25 years ago. But with his amazing dedication and inner strength, he has completed about 140 triathlons with remarkable success story.

Hector Picard has participated in the popular Ironman World Championship at Kona, Hawaii and he was the first finisher in this double arm amputee. You will be glad to know that Hector is also running a special organization: DontStopLiving.org, its major goal is to inspire others for living life to the fullest. Hector inspires every human being to develop the faith and strength to deal with every tough obstacle in the journey of life. Currently, with Novation Settlement Solutions, Hector is helping several people to make a new start with their dreams by providing them essential financial assistance.

Hector Picard’s Tour to Inspire 2017 Powered by Novation Settlement Solutions


Hector Picard and Novation Settlement Solutions are teaming up to use bicycle rides in cities across the Southeast to show people that anything is possible. Taking place during national bike month, Ma…

Time to meet Hector Picard on his Inspiring Tour:

The story is worth inspiring and this inspiration is going to show its power in upcoming event where Hector Picard will join the ride with several other crazy riders from different locations of country. This inspirational tour of Hector Picard is scheduled for the month of May, 2017. Note that, it will be celebrated as national bike month and the major goal is to motivate all age groups and people with different abilities to enjoy their life to the fullest. The event is organized as a 31 day bicycling tour where riders will cover six states of the country and Hector will take part in this tour at set locations.

The event has been launched on 1st May, 2017 and the stops are defined to be at Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. For the second half of this month, Hector has planned 16 different stops in Florida. It will be a historical 100 mile ride that is all about inspiration for life and it is going to boost physically challenged people to tune to their abilities to initiate a fight against all challenges of life. During this event, Hector will be presenting medals to various children who are residing at rehabilitation centers or hospitals.

Join hands with Hector Picard for the historical Ride:

This is right time to join hands for a memorable and historical tour that is definitely for a good cause. Hector Picard is here to give you the best platform for proving the real potential for life. Book your tickets for the event right now and avail a chance to meet one of the most inspirational man in the history who believe in his abilities and inspires others to do so. This is going to be a social ride and route details will be provided to all members before the event, pizza and drinks are included in the menu.